Quarterly Report From Child Cancer Foundation Bandung (Q3:2013)

Quarterly Implementation Report from Child Cancer Foundation Bandung (Q3: 2013)

Written by: Mrs. Dina Elgersma, Family Care Indonesia volunteer.

As a volunteer with Family Care Indonesia, I was thrilled to receive the free license sponsorship from the Brillkids Foundation for the Child Cancer Foundation Bandung (ykakb.org). The sponsorship was received 27 July, 2013.

The Bandung branch had been newly opened in April and was not yet fully equipped. Although there was a computer available for the children’s use, it proved to be short of the specs needed to install the Brillkids program. Finally in mid-September, the Foundation was able to allocate funds for a computer designated for the children’s educational needs.

Once this computer was set up, I was able to install the Brillkids reading program. The Foundation directoress, Mrs Aquarina, was very enthusiastic about the reading program and had personally spearheaded the purchase of a new computer for the children’s educational use.

Installing the program successfully on the new computer was the first step. The next step, which I’ve discussed with Mrs. Aquarina, is the need to find a teacher who can integrate the Brillkids program into the children’s educational curriculum. Mrs. Aquarina assured me that the center plans to initiate an in-house tutoring program called “My School” and will be hiring teaching professionals for that purpose.

In the meantime, parents and staff at the Center will be using the Brillkids program on an individual basis so that the child cancer patients can enjoy learning English via this lively and highly motivating program.

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of the Brillkids team for allowing us, along with the Child Cancer Foundation Bandung (ykakb.org) to participate in the Brillkids program. This program has the potential to enhance the learning potential of all Indonesian children fortunate enough to participate in it. Best of success in all your endeavors!


Mrs. Dina Elgersma

  • Photo 1: FC volunteer, Dina, presenting Brillkids Sponsorship to staff at Child Cancer Foundation.
  • Photo 2: Successful installation of program—Dina with Foundation directoress, Mrs. Dwi Aquarina and 12-year-old cancer patient, Edi.