Bringing Educational Programs and Curricula to Cameroon

Cameroon is the country is Central Africa with about 20 million population. Our Foundation collaborated with the Seeds of Change NGO working locally in order to bring educational curricula and resources to school children around the country. According to official statistics, more then 50% of children ages 5-14 have to work, and even if they manage to attend schools, schools have limited resources to offer.

Seeds of Change NGO sets up computers in the various classrooms across the country, giving some of the poorest children an opportunity to learn the use of computers and utilize them in their education. Now, in collaboration with Early Education for Every child Foundation, they will be able to equip every computer with an extensive selection of programs and curricula, which will be used as self-study tool, as well as a tool for teachers to instruct full classes of children on rotational basis.

With curricula we provided to the schools and orphanages in Cameroon (equivalent $ 174 500 ) children will have access to literacy programs, reading and vocabulary instruction in English and French (both official languages in Cameroon), elementary Math curricula for preschoolers, Music appreciation and Literacy curricula, as well as Social Studies curricula.

These children, that never had access to arts and music before will be able to not only learn the basics of music literacy with BrillKids Little Musician curriculum, but also learn about many of the world-renowned composers and their music from Classics for Kids series of programs graciously provided by Classics for Kids service of  Cincinnati Public Radio.

Literacy lessons for the young children are supplemented by a variety of educational programs from our partners Readeez, Monki See and others.