Bringing English Language and Literacy to children of Ceby, 5 years of collaboration.

May marked our 5 year anniversary of working with Rise Above Project in Cebu, Philippines.

Their vision is to give people a chance to lead better lives through education and training, and they are making an amazing difference in lives of most vulnerable in Cebu, young children in their care. You can learn more about their latest news from their website and from the video presentation.

But today we wanted to let you have a glimpse into their learning Rise Above Center through this video

Children are using Little Reader program and curricula for learning English and learning to read, Little Math for beginning math and Little Musician together with Classics for Kids programs for learning music literacy and music appreciation, through getting to know greatest composers and their masterpieces.

Having access to education early in life gives these children an incredible start, and will influence their lives forever. We want to commend the sacrificial work of Rise Above Foundation volunteers in Cebu and to say that it is our honor to work together.