Bringing Literacy, Education and Encouragement to Baja California

It has been always our desire to help local literacy and educational projects in California. Technically Baja California is part of California region, and being a part of Mexico, there are many needy families and children we were able to reach there.

One of the places EEECF visited regularly is an Orphanage and Foster Care center, where we assisted with setting up a literacy and educational facilities.

Over the last few years we worked  with the number of caregivers and volunteers there,  and assisted children with books, educational activities, games, daily needs and even food!

Some of the things that made significant difference in functioning of  literacy and education center was setting up donated whiteboards in each classroom and meeting room; working on putting together children’s library.

And finally after many months of planning it, we were able to set up computers with Little Reader and Little Musician Programs.

Children will be able to study Spanish language reading, English as a second language, and even Mandarin! They incorporating Country Course in their school lessons, this is the course that was created by volunteers specifically for the Foundation recipients around the world to help children to learn about countries of the world. They also starting with Music Appreciation lessons, thanks to Little Musician curricula and Classics for Kids program!