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Written by Daisy Sparkle

English Programme

We wanted to let you know that we are just flipped about the BrillKids reading program! It fits perfectly our needs! We’ve been doing LadyBird program so far, but it takes a lot of time and planning for teachers.

The children that attend our Kindergarten have to learn English in the two years they are with us. So just showing them words and then reading books was not sufficient in itself. We needed more interaction, pictures, sounds , videos to help the children understand the meaning of the words and the books they were reading. All that takes a lot of time, research and planning.

The principle of sight reading is not new to us. We’ve been following Glen Doman program in many of our subjects. But the BrillKids program did a tremendous amount of work by putting together every aspect we thought was needed to make lessons more of a success with the children.

All that to say, we don’t know how to express our extreme gratitude for donating your program for our school project! It’s really a great time and sanity savior for us, teachers, and a fantastic fun tool in learning spoken and written English for the kids.

Dual Language Support

They really enjoy it! It was a wonderful surprise for us to discover that it’s possible to edit the pictures, sounds and most of all language within the program. This is something I haven’t seen anywhere else. We are starting to teach the children basic Kanada, the local language as well. (The children moved to our city from different parts of India, so they don’t speak neither English nor the local language. And both are required for their entry into primary schools.) This feature is an answer to prayers!

A heart felt thank you once again on behalf of all the teachers! Currently we have completely switched our sight reading program to the BrillKids one! We really enjoyed the printed copies of the reader books you’ve sent. We have 5 schools at the present and 24 classrooms. We thought the books would be great as a variety from the computer, as well as to use in one-on-one child reading evaluation at the end of the school year. Thank you once again, BrillKids, for all you’ve done for us so far and your consideration of our requests!

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