Busy Bug Home School, Zambia

Written by Elena Sukhacheva

We are a Russian family with 8 children (ages 2-15 years).

We are Christian volunteer missionaries in Zambia and we have dedicated our lives, talents & resources to reach out to those in need.


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Our local projects include Christian, educational & inspirational seminars, vocational courses, educational programs for children, providing goods to the needy individuals. We are also involved with a training centre, teaching skills & trades and providing counseling.

All our children are homeschooled & one of the difficulties we face here in Zambia is lack of Educational materials, especially for young ones. Personally we place great value on teaching children from a very young age. We’ve experienced firsthand the amazing visual memory children have, their potential & desire for learning even from babyhood. The Brill Kids Programs that we received from Rebecca Saiz were an answer to prayer.

We want to thank you for your generous donation & commend you on the high quality & value of these programs. It’s easy to follow & great fun for kids. It’s power packed & has big variety. We are using it for kids of different ages, as it has so many levels. The children think it’s a game & don’t want to stop.

We’ll extend the use of the programs from our own home school to teaching the children from our outreach ministries.

“The love that is given from your heart is never lost, but is kept in the hearts of others”

God bless you!