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Changing the lives of children through education

How extremely grateful we here at CCEM-Int are to have received your email offering your ongoing support of our ministry vision.  I can assure you that the Operation Education arm of CCEM will definitely be an ongoing project as long as there are children who need to learn.

In one particular rural village I personally visited there was a class of perhaps 15-20 children of varying ages.  Some as young as two and others as old as fifteen.  The only resource that they had was a very torn and dirty, pre school alphabet poster.  Imagine, and they all sat and hungrily soaked in any learning the volunteer teacher could give them.  No lunches, no water, no hope and no future.  This particular school was better than most because somebody had begun to build a school room and others had donated school shirts, but this is not what they need. they need  literacy.  They may as well be still sitting under the tree without it.  The cycle of poverty and life will continue and they will eventually become goat herders and farmers trying to scratch out a living.

Most of the children in these areas have never been to school because of lack of finances and distance required to walk which is extremely dangerous on many levels. As you can see the need is enormous, but to fail one is to fail them all. We will work with all ages who are hungry to learn and to change their lives.

The computers (and we may only have one to begin for the first month or so) will be  used at several different locations; rural villages, Church settings, community areas and also a mobile based program.  In an effort to broaden the impact we would also like to use the flash cards where the computers are not available.  It is our desire to change the lives of as many children that we possibly can through the brillkids early learning program.

There is an urgency in our team to begin this work as soon as possible and although we have not conducted early learning before, one of our Directors has close  association with two teachers who are more than willing to help with this and also to make themselves available as consultants for teaching methods.

As you can see, the Little Reader Education Systems will make a tremendous impact in any of the settings that we have mentioned across any age brackets.  We will not turn anyone away or see them left behind.  Even if these children never get to attend a school they will still be better of because of your literacy programs.  Education is one of the key areas to help break the cycle of poverty.  I am sure as we progress areas of need will be recognised and we will adapt accordingly.

Once again, we are honored and very grateful that you will be partnering with us in supporting our vision.

Warm regards and God Bless

Deb Delaney, Director


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