Care For Kids: The Orphanage Farm Project (Zambia)

Written by Ronny Jander, Director for administration and finance, Care for Kids Orphanage

First off all we would like to express our appreciation and how grateful The Care for Kids Orphanage in Zambia is for the received set of “Little Reader” and “Little Math”, which are a great help for us! Mrs. Rebeca Saiz introduced us to the concept of early education promoted by BrillKids and provided the program.

We attached a few photographs to this letter so that you can see how interested our children are in this way of learning. Together with our teachers we will use the programs also for older children. The BrillKids software is of high benefit to us since we have children between the ages of 4 and 18 years that have never attended a school before they came to us.

Besides the education and instruction of the children in our house once a week we invite twenty children from the surrounding compounds to learn, play and of course read with our children. This project increases continuously and the “Little Reader” and “Little Math” will help us very much to enlarge this venture.

We are still a small project, so that the financial costs for books are a problem for us. As such your donation means a lot to us!

We would like to thank you once again and send you greetings from all the kids and the Care for Kids Team.