Every child deserves              
an education.

EEECF Projects in Mexico

Bringing Literacy, Education and Encouragement to Baja California

31st, March, 2016

It has been always our desire to help local literacy and educational projects in California. Technically Baja California is part of California region, and being a part of Mexico, there are many needy families and children we were able to reach there. One of the places EEECF visited regularly is an Orphanage and Foster Care... Continue reading.

Collaboration with GVI Mexico at * Save the Children * Center in Playa Del Carmen

2nd, April, 2015


Save The Children figures indicate that 95% of children suffer from some type of aggression, 70% in Quintana Roo suffer abandonment, 43% of children between 6 and 17 know a gang member, and 25% have seen drugs or know another child that sells them. Save the Children presence ensures that children who have been affected... Continue reading.

Bringing English Instructions to Vulnerable Children in Quintana Roo, collaboration with Global Vision International

31st, March, 2015


Global Vision International (GVI) and LLI-Mexico (EEECF Chapter in Mexico) collaborated together to provide an English education for Save The Children *Ludoteca* Center(s) in Playa del Carmen. GVI Mexico  signed an  MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with LLI-Mexico  to help grow our literacy initiative in providing our most vulnerable  children in the state of Quintana Roo,... Continue reading.

Vocabulary Bingo at the DIF School. An excellent way to review Little Reader vocabulary!

5th, July, 2014


Update from the KKIS (Keeping Kids In School) Project in Mexico The students at the DIF school where KKIS volunteers are now working spent a day playing Bingo with their vocabulary words this week. It is an excllent way to review vocabulary! We printed Bingo cards with 25 words they have learned from daily use of the English language... Continue reading.

Rainy Day class at DIF School – KKIS Project

3rd, July, 2014


Update from the KKIS (Keeping Kids In School) Project in Mexico Rain has been falling heavily for days now in Playa del Carmen but the KKIS volunteers are still coming to help with our literacy and English programs. We arrived at school on Tuesday only to discover that the government had cancelled all school classes for the day.... Continue reading.

Learning Parts of the Face at DIF School

1st, July, 2014


Update from the KKIS (Keeping Kids In School) Project in Mexico This week the volunteers reviewed the parts of the face vocabulary which the kids had learned with their English language Curriculum and computer program called Little Reader, which is a part of a Scholarship by EEECF through LLI-Mexico . Most of the students were... Continue reading.

Volunteers in DIF school classroom

30th, June, 2014


Update from the KKIS (Keeping Kids In School) Project of Little Learner Initiative – Mexico After two weeks of attending the DIF school everyday to teach the children how to use the English language Curriculum and computer program  by Brillkids called Little Reader, which is a part of a Scholarship by EEECF through LLI-Mexico, a... Continue reading.

Learning Body Parts with Puzzle and Little Reader: a Hit at DIF School!

28th, June, 2014


Update from the KKIS (Keeping Kids In School) Project, coordinated by LLI-Mexico We received several bags of school supplies last month. Among the treasures was a puzzle of Body Parts, just two pieces for each part – one with a picture and the other with the word – that fit together. The students have been... Continue reading.

Students independently learning English with KKIS computers

26th, June, 2014


Update from the KKIS (Keeping Kids In School) Project in Mexico, coordinated by LLI-Mexico Today was the first day that KKIS volunteers did not work with the children at the DIF School with the computer-based BrillKids English language curriculum Little Reader, donated by EEECF through LLI-Mexico. We have gone every morning, set up the computers... Continue reading.

Teaching English at the DIF School – KKIS Project

25th, June, 2014


Update from the KKIS (Keeping Kids In School) Project in Mexico KKIS volunteers began teaching English this week at a new school, one that is part of DIF, the Mexico Social Services System which helps vulnerable adults and children. The kids at this school are ages 10-17, many of them are homeless, neglected, dealing with immigration issues and often... Continue reading.