City Social Services in Goloseev, Kiev (Firefly Ukraine)

[pink]Written by Larisa Enikeeva, Firefly Project Manager[/pink]

We started teaching English daily to a small group of 4 girls (Nastya, 14, Olya, 13, Oksana, 15 and Anna, 17) who learn from Little Reader and some other materials we have. Even though they are older, Little Reader is a good program for them to learn new vocabulary and reading.

Maria, one of our teachers and Firefly volunteers, is teaching the girls at our house. They live close by and come from a poor family with only a grandma taking care of them as they mom passed away and their dad ran away. We are currently setting up a foundation to help Ukrainian orphans find decent employment. It’s a very needed project and we are getting very good reactions from everyone. Our partners on this project are International 5-star hotel chains. So we will train our kids (18 and up) in hospitality and customer service, a big part of which is learning English.

We also had our first class with a new group of kids today. We will continue working with this group twice a week. This week we started with 5 kids, next week there will be 5 more.

This project is done with the City Social Services in Goloseev district of Kiev for underprivileged kids in that area.

It was a lot of fun and the kids (7 y.o.) just loved it!

I used LR, flash cards and the readers – they loved every bit of it.

So, I would like to ask you if I could keep the first set of Readers at our center and use it for classes that we teach ourselves in different institutions. Like you suggested they are fun to use and provide a variety in educational process. That way we will have the flash cards and the full set of Readers at our disposal.

Attached are some pictures from today and a video (it’s mainly in Russian as I had to explain things to the kids a bit, hope it’s ok and my baby is in the background along with another Brillkid Tatianna, a child of another Firefly volunteer) …

Thank you for your help! There is so much potential in teaching with LR here in Ukraine!