Collaboration with GVI Mexico at * Save the Children * Center in Playa Del Carmen

Save The Children figures indicate that 95% of children suffer from some type of aggression, 70% in Quintana Roo suffer abandonment, 43% of children between 6 and 17 know a gang member, and 25% have seen drugs or know another child that sells them. Save the Children presence ensures that children who have been affected by abuse, abandonment or the drugs trade will have the support that they need to stay safe should they come into contact with these threats in the future.This project is led by Save the Children in a space called “toy libraries” or Ludoteca, which are recreational and education spaces where children can come to learn through games, talks and workshops.

GVI  volunteers working at the Ludoteca ( Toy Library) are busy with specific tasks that include:  helping children ages 6-12 years old with their homework, playing games and preparing educational resources.  A lot of the work focuses on teaching children how to  stay safe. GVI and LLI-Mexico work together to  provide children at the ” Ludoteca” Toy Library center  an  English education.  LLI-Mexico (Early Education for Every Child representation in Mexico)  offers  GVI volunteers a chance to enhance  daily English lessons with a proven, systematic, pre-made English reading and comprehension curriculum.