Educational Programs for street and orphaned children in Kampala, Uganda

Hope Springs Haven is a small educational center for orphaned and street children in Kampala, Uganda.

The children they support come from very poor families. Most of them are Orphans. They choose the most vulnerable from the community and try giving them basics of education, starting from reading and elementary math.

As of the last few months Early Education for Every Child Foundation partnered with Hope Springs Haven in order to provide full literacy curriculum and lessons, as well as elementary math, basic music appreciation and literacy curricula and daily lessons about Countries and Cultures. Its amazing how excited about learning are these children! For many, it is the only education they get.

The Wall Projector was donated to the Center just recently, which enables bigger groups of children to participate in each learning session.

More then 100 children 4 to 17 are attending the lessons at the Center. We hope these programs will reach many more children in the years to come!