Introducing Family Care, Indonesia

Written by Mrs. Anna Bittner, Family Care Indonesia Volunteer

My family and I are engaged in volunteer Christian work in Indonesia. We have been active for the past 9 years in charitable works such as coordinating [clear]nutritional programs for the urban poor and offering institutional support for orphanages and schools.

I have been using the Brill Kids reading program with my son, aged 2 years and 9 months, for the past six months. It is an tremendous asset in helping me keep up with his appetite for learning and keeping up with this as well as my volunteer projects and other responsibilities. Fortunately, the BrillKids reading package was made available at a very opportune time for my early learning teaching.

My son loves the program and finds the pictures, video clips and audio very entertaining. Many times he will ask to repeat particular sequences of a lesson. He has progressed a lot and is now able to recognize many individual letters, as well as the words included in the curriculum. The program has also helped expand his speaking vocabulary.

[space2]General Overview and Progress Report From Family Care Indonesia For 2011- 2012

Brill Kids has a very lively design format and appeals to my son’s curious nature. He readily responds to the program’s interactive prompts, and the program has become an integral part of my teaching.

At first, I would repeat each word after the audio so that he could understand and repeat for himself. But now he is able to listen and repeat directly after the audio, and it has greatly helped his listening comprehension.

I have also downloaded several slide shows from the Brill Kids’ website on topics such as wild animals, transportation, and a few on the alphabet. He also enjoys these very much so I am looking forward to download more.

Actually from the start he liked the program so much that I overdid it with long sessions so that he lost interest, so now I do shorter sessions to keep his attention and keep it lively.

I really appreciate being able to use Brill Kids, and I believe it will be a great success in offering early reading training because of its well-designed program and easy to use format. Now that I am familiar with the Brillkids program, I hope to also implement it in my charitable works projects. Thank you very much for making this program available for Family Care’s work in Indonesia.

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