Helping Children in rural India to overcome literacy challenges

Recently we started collaboration with Thiruchirappalli Uthukkuli School in rural India.

Thiruchirappalli Uthukkuli School is located in one of the most backward areas in Tamilnadu, India. Panchayat Union Primary School is an integrated unit of this high school running since 1990. Overall the school has 1092 students enrolled in 2016-2017.

From the Principal:

“Almost all the students are coming from the poorest migrant families living  hand-to-mouth. Most of the children come just to get stomach full lunch meal offered to them once a day. Since these kids are from poor families, their parents never complain. Their mothers too work as laborers’, their kids come hungry in the morning without having breakfast.

We have taken many initiatives to get the donations from the gracious people, so that our children can get the morning breakfast. Many times, teachers spend from their own packets to arrange a tanker to get drinking water, offering stationery so that our children’s requirements can be fulfilled to the maximum.

As more children have enrolled in our school, the learning levels have declined drastically. Being at the age group of 4-10, the students were not able to read their textbook. This is not only the case of our school, but also to the entire state (Referring to the latest reports by PRATHAM-surveyed 561 government schools, ACER 2015, DISE report, AGASTIYA foundation report on primary education).

In spite of having very limited infrastructure and zero facilities available, our teachers are doing their best to provide/offer them adequate knowledge and creativity in children. We are running on services of few volunteers and contractual teachers appointed through Parents Teachers Association.

Recently, my school has been selected as a model school by the educational administrators and they want to come up with an effective implementation plan to improve the primary students’ reading skills. When we were doing a little research , we were fortunate to see your website which offers a great chance that makes even a very small kid learn to read with minimal supervision.

One thing that I realized is, “Right stimuli given through educational media can create the greatest exposure in easy learning, creativity and productivity.” I saw many testimonials in your website that showed your educational resources have made a great change and revolution among the children. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to you for making kids to read on their own at their early stage.

Being a rural school, we are lagging behind resource limitations, poor physical facilities, books, and materials. As a rural teacher, we would like to demonstrate openness to new ideas and high innate levels of creativity.

Our goal for 2016-2017 is to improve the reading and numerical skills among the children. Thanks to generous sponsors, we are well on our way to reaching our goal. We have received great help and support from various sponsors by getting 10 numbers of used computers, setting-up audio-visual rooms, etc.

EEEC Foundation help will have a tremendous/drastic impact on our kid’s life and help them to achieve the reading skills, vision and motivation to change their life. We don’t need any cash donations, what we need is a gift of educational opportunities!

Thank you for taking the time and partnering with us to help our children.”

We hope that we will be able to bring many new and exciting learning opportunities for children there through the years to come. Stay tuned for the updates!