Kindergarten (Firefly Ukraine)

Sorry for not updating much lately – it’s been a really busy beginning of summer!

I have started teaching a group of 25 kids in a village kindergarten and they just loved it! But the kindergarten closes for the summer and we postponed the rest of the classes till September. Attached are some pictures of those kids…


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On a different subject – you mentioned that we can ask parents that can’t afford a full price for a contribution for their own copy of Little Reader. We have also been promoting the program to the expat community since we have quite a number of friends there, so we will see. Those are the people that would be able to pay a full price.

So that’s what we are up to.

Oh, and we are on Facebook now – you can Like our new page 🙂 It’s FireFly and only features one project so far, but we would also like to include our cooperation with you there.

Looking forward to hearing from you!