Project Update from Deaf Reach Schools & Training Centers, Pakistan

[pink]Program Utilization Report for Early Education for Every Child Foundation[/pink]


A Project of Family Educational Services Foundation (Pakistan)

BrillKids Usage:

The software has been used for 2 years with deaf children from Kindergarten to Grade III in the Deaf Reach schools of Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur, Pakistan. The level of vocabulary contained in the program was deemed appropriate for this age group. It has been very popular amongst students and their teachers.


The program has been integrated into the school curriculum. Categories which relate to the subject being taught in any particular period are used e.g.  Math vocabulary is used in class periods where Mathematics is taught. Students are first introduced to the vocabulary that will be used in the lesson through the software. This process lasts about 10-15 minutes during which time the teachers rotate between students and explain a word that might not be clearly understood. The class continues as usual afterwards with the students already familiar with most of the new vocabulary that follows.

Usage Statistics:

BrillKids was used with a total of 192 students (Kindergarten to Grade III).

15 teachers were involved with the implementation of the program whereas a further 10 received training for using the software in their classes as and when required.

Staff reaction:

Several teachers felt using BrillKids made their jobs a teachers a lot easier. Teachers who weren’t involved in language training could now focus solely on their subject (science, social studies etc.) and let the students learn the pertinent vocabulary through BrillKids. The teachers also felt that the selection of vocabulary in the software was very relevant for the age group it was used on. They also commented on the increased involvement of younger students owing to the pictures present in the software.


The software is extremely user friendly. Some of the teachers who did not generally use computers for teaching had minor difficulty in learning the software. However, the learning curve was very short and the issue was quickly eliminated.


The introduction of the BrillKids software to the Deaf Reach curriculum has brought positive results. The teachers and the students find the program effective and relevant and its use has added great value to the education received by the students of the school.

The software has also helped us in the development of new teaching methods for the Deaf, especially the Pakistan Sign Language (PSL) Visual Lexicon. Building on the effectiveness of visual aids, the Lexicon consists of short videos for 5000 signs in PSL accompanied by text in English and Urdu and a pictorial representation of the word. Preliminary reviews have been very encouraging.

We are extremely grateful to the Early Education for Every Child Foundation for the software as it has helped us take our dream of education for all Deaf children in Pakistan a step closer to realization.

Additional information about the Deaf Reach Program can be found in the annexure.

Submitted by:

Zain Saeed
M&E Officer

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