Quarterly Report From Child Cancer Foundation Bandung (Q1:2014)

Quarterly Implementation Report from Child Cancer Foundation Bandung (First Quarter 2014)

Written by: Mrs. Reny Nuraini, Head of “My School” tutoring program at Child Cancer Foundation Bandung (ykakb.org)

I have been working with the “My School” program for child cancer patients for the last two years. The tutoring program was established by the Foundation for Child Patients Indonesia (ykaki.org). These are the basic premises of the program:

  • Children who suffer from cancer have the right to receive education even though they are sick.
  • Childhood cancer can be cured if detected early enough. Generally treatment for child cancer patients takes between three months up to two years.
  • The lengthy duration of treatment generally means that children with cancer stop school so they have no educational or mental activity at all.
  • Children who undergo long periods of treatment without any mental activity or educational challenges start to experience stress and boredom which slows down the healing process and can cause a loss of hope.

I was already familiar with the Brillkids program before coming to Bandung because it is used in the Jakarta centers also. The Brillkids program is very beneficial for teaching English to the children enrolled in the tutoring program. Since the beginning of this year, 26 children have been following the “My School” tutoring program.

The children like the Brillkids program very much. They like seeing the pictures and hearing the words at the same time. It is also very easy for them to learn the spelling of the English words they are hearing. We have a wide range of children in the tutoring program: from babies to eleven years. The babies get all excited when they see the bright pictures in the Brillkids program. The older children learn a lot of English vocabulary. It is very easy for them to learn because the presentation is so appealing. When they go back to school in their rural areas and study English, they tell their classmates, “I already know that! I learned in in the school program at the cancer center.”

Closing: We are very glad to have the Brillkids reading program available for the cancer children in the “My School” tutoring program. They enjoy it so much and look forward to their lesson time each day. Thank you for your generosity in making this available for our school program in the child cancer center. We hope to also start using it in the school corner we are setting up in the cancer ward in the near future. Many thanks!

Mrs. Reny Nuraini,
Head teacher “My School” tutoring program
Child Cancer Foundation Bandung (ykakb.org)

Photo 1: Mrs. Reny Nuraini in the “My School” classroom (ykakb.org) with nine-
year-old cancer patient, Hanani

Photo 2: Mrs. Nuraini with Dina, Family Care volunteer in Bandung, Indonesia

Photo 3: “My School” (ykakb.org) teaching staff