Teaching English at the DIF School – KKIS Project

Update from the KKIS (Keeping Kids In School) Project in Mexico

KKIS volunteers began teaching English this week at a new school, one that is part of DIF, the Mexico Social Services System which helps vulnerable adults and children. The kids at this school are ages 10-17, many of them are homeless, neglected, dealing with immigration issues and often from abusive family situations. Most of them don’t know any
English and some of them even reside at the school because they have nowhere else to go. The kids are great. They don’t have totally matching uniforms and they are each working at their own level, but they all have big smiles and are excited about learning English.

We asked for and received used laptop computers and installed a donated English language program called Little Reader from BrillKids. This past week volunteers have gone every morning for 4 hours to help the students a few at a time gain competency with the program. This will be continued Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings next week, April 1, 2, 3, from 8 am to noon to encourage the children to pronounce  the words correctly and be truly familiar with the program. After this close tutoring they will practice individually with headphones and the computer one 15 minute lesson at a time. The software is geared at very young children with images and cartoon figures performing the actions, animals making animal sounds, and games to test their comprehension.

The following week, April 7 – 11, volunteers will work in small groups with the kids asking them what English words they know, having the children keep notebooks with their new words and starting conversational English. Each session will be 1/2 hour with the “A” class and another 1/2 hour with the “B” class on both Tuesday and Thursday between 11 am and 12 noon. There are 25 children in each class so we need 5 volunteers for each day. Marge will send an invitation to our volunteer list or you can be in touch though this website if you would like to help.

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