Universidad de Quintana Roo: Unidad Academica Playa del Carmen

Submitted by Ms. Claudia Salazar Arreozola M.Ed.

(Profesor Investigador)

My name is Claudia Salazar Arreozola, I’m a Researcher Professor and Director of program at the University of Quintana Roo. We are a public University, non-profit organ receive funds from the Mexican government and we are subscribed to the SEP (Secretaria Educacion Publica) but we remain autonomous. This is a public funded University, we don’t charge a fee ¬†but students ¬†contribute ¬†with ¬†a ¬†small¬† symbolic ¬†amount ¬†which ¬†also can ¬†be covered by a government scholarship called PRONABES. Most of our student’s demographics come from low income families, a minority single parent household and a Mayan minority.

Our Playa del Carmen campus ¬†is in the developing ¬†stages. We just ¬†celebrated our third year anniversary. We offer three bachelor’s degrees and all degrees include English language classes as a core subject from ¬†introductory to upper intermediate. ¬†Students enrolled ¬†in Hotel management take four years of English and need to be fluent in speaking and reading English. ¬†Students with no English language experience, require programs that will help them achieve proficiency. For some students English is their third language, growing up listening to the Mayan language and learning Spanish as their second language.

We are in need of additional English language resources and would be grateful to receive assistance from LLI-Mexico. By August 2013 our University will be offering English classes to approximately 400 students. We serve about a 100 to 200 students in the lower English levels per semester. Their age range is between eighteen to twenty seven years old approximately.

Iwould like to thank Ms. Joy for introducing us to LLI -Mexico and for considering our students’ needs in learning English. We know that your help will contribute to transforming our student’s lives forever.

Thank you,


Claudia Salazar Arreonzola M.Ed.
Profesor Investigador


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