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 As a President of the University of Quintana Roo, Campus Playa del Carmen and on behalf of our students, I would like to thank the foundation EEECF for your kind contribution to our student’s population.

Our students as well as their English teachers welcomed your English  Program,  Little  Reader,  with  such  an  enthusiasm.  They  have  been  using  it regularly, as a whole group activity and independently in our English lab. They have been profiting from using your software independently to practice their English skills.

As I just mentioned we count with an English Lab, with just enough amount of programs to serve our students. Thanks to Little Reader, students from our four bachelor’s programs, can go to the English lab and practice vocabulary, phonics, word writing and pronunciation.

I have been informed by our English coordinator, Claudia Salazar about the progress that our introductory and Basic English students have been making.

We heartily thank EEECF for the opportunity given to our students to practice their English outside their classroom. Ever since you gave us the opportunity to use your software, teachers have been planning their lessons adding extra activities with  little reader’s activities to their  lessons.

Moreover, EEECF  software  helps  our  educational  programs  to  improve  their  quality.

Playa  Del Carmen, Quintana Roo in Mexico is a tourist destination where 90% of its economy is based  on  tourism. Our  English  students  have  profit  enormously  from  your  English program; it gives them an extra resource to practice.

Once again, my most sincere thank you for providing our students with a tool which would help them to improve themselves, in order to build a better and brighter future in a community such as ours, where English is the main language spoken by tourist and the one that would determine their future employment opportunities.

Last but not least, we would like to thank Joy Koller, EEECF project director in Mexico, for the opportunity given to our students, and for helping us build this friendship between the foundation and our University .




“Fructificar la razon: trascender nuestra cultura”

Mtro. Carlos Manuel Vazquez Alvarez
Coordinador de la Unidad Academica Playa del Carmen

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Joy Koller, LLI-Mexico, Project Director
Playa del Carmen, Mexico