Welcoming Our New Educational Partner – SuperCharged Science!

As a Foundation with a vision to bring the best possible educational opportunities to children worldwide, and especially to special needs children and children with limited opportunities, we always look for amazing Educational Partnerships to make our vision a reality.

This month we are welcoming our new Educational Partner — Supercharged Science — to help us bring science education to rural schools of Asia, orphanages in Africa, community schools working with the children of the poorest of the poor and special needs children.

We believe our partnership will grow and evolve in the years to come. This month, we are starting with our first Pilot Science Scholarship, where Supercharged Science will be providing more then 1 500 deaf students with full science curricula and instruction for the grades 1-10 in 6 locations nationwide in Pakistan.

Read more about this Pilot program here.

And here is just a glimpse in a day of life of one of the deaf students, that will be the recipient of this scholarship. We invite you to visit their website. Thank you, Supercharged Science for partnering with us to bring educational opportunities to these children!

All our present projects with active scholarships can contact us to review their availability for participating in this Science Pilot .

If you run an orphanage, community school, rural school, school or center for special needs children and do not have access to high quality educational materials and curricula for children in your care write us here.