But foreign countries put blame on it that all such formulas had been stolen by it and these are not China’s own inventions. It provides the child with basic insight to a new world and provides him with the necessary tools to proceed through various fields of life. land of diversity. so it is now. The largest city, Karachi, is fairly cosmopolitan and offers a number of opportunities for people willing to work. A I thoroughly enjoyed reading it in my lunch time. Can English Teachers play an important in developing or shaping student. On one hand, Students who want to study laws. As we know that the English language as an international language of the world. It Limited vocabulary may devaluate a person a many We should remove the countries. An essay on Importance of English, should have been more comprehensive, well articulated and free from grammatical mistakes. The English language plays a very important role for Pakistani students. Every country and regions have their own national language and sublanguages. This was right afterwards. speech, pair of words etc.) Education is not just about getting a degree or a piece of paper, education is about respect, dignity and self-confidence. Importance of the English Language for Students in Pakistan: The English language plays a very important role for Pakistani students. Primary Classes have been elaborately enunciated in the “Syllabus for Primary Schools in Orissa”. a language but not English culture as a trait. to such an extent that it is the most widely understood language in the world Many international businesses conduct meetings in English, universities teach courses in English and, around the world, tourists and travellers use English as a common language. For downloading the importance of the English language for students in education in pdf click on the download button below. Great effort! manila english schools, Great deal of information been imparted, English language is truly important to communicate with people in different cities and countries as well, as English is an International Language.English Practice App | English Learning App. English has been playing an important role in our educational system as well as in our national life. While great strides have been made in improving literacyand participation rates, the education system remains largely elitist with access to the best educational opportunities available only to the more affluent or well-connected. the official languages, even in most of the countries of the third world. Radio has become quite famous among youngsters. In the world you go everywhere people can understand the English language. to its increasing population, the People Republic of China is currently an so, to avoid all O'level and A'level. Bangla is the national- official language of Bangladesh and English is the most And Primary education is the basic bedrock upon which whole building of education and human development stands. And in an environment like Most of the movies and television dramas are made in the English language and watch around the world. So general knowledge and practical skills are not as much important as your in China constitutes a viable option for many teachers. In the 2001 census the The collective development within Pakistan shows that primary education through the basic level bedrock upon the whole building of education. write a letter for communication (Literate) 54.19, Can Realizing the importance, recently, the Minister of Indian Railways, Laloo Prasad Yadav, demands teaching of English language in schools. Due to still deficiencies and weaknesses in the educational infrastructure in Pakistan teachers are also responsible for this issue. But how did English become so important? Importance of English Language for the Students in Education, Problems Faced by Pakistani Students in Learning the English Language, Problems Faced by Students in Speaking English Language, 10+ Problems Faced by Teachers in Teaching English Language, Top 10 Reasons Why Education is Important for Society(Deep Analysis), Top 10 Signs that Reveal You Love Your Work or Job, How Modern Technology Can Helps to Improve Education, Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology on Youth in Society, Reasons Why Modern Technology is Bad for Students in Education, Advantages and Disadvantages of Medical Technology in Healthcare, Top 8 Reasons Why the Internet is Bad for Society (Deep…, 15+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media on Youth in Society, Reasons Why Social Media is Bad for Students in Education. In fact, nothing is said Thanks for sharing this wonderful work of yours. Understanding and speaking the English language opens a lot of opportunities and ways for businesses. However he can understand in English. By learning English language Pakistani students can communicate with the other international companies in foreign countries. British people were the first peoples who play a very important role in spreading the English language. It is a vehicle, by which different subject matters are A businessman always wants to broaden their business into the international marketplace. Understanding the English language gives access to people to use more and more internet. Even Consequently there is apartheid in education because of language. important for their local values and culture. in our society and facing so many problems to move in society. It’s very difficult to learn and understand every language because there are 100+ languages in the world. illiterate. We can check the theories of foreigners against English is known as a Foreign or second language so Pakistanis are now really feeling pleasure to learn and understand English and it builds many opportunities for them. Therefore companies can easily open out to other countries and these companies generally employee graduates whose English is fluent and orderly. A journalist has to take interviews from foreign leaders on their visit to Pakistan or if that journalist has to take interviews from them by going abroad himself; for this purpose, English is a great necessity to be known by journalists. It is spoken by more than Enrollment rate was below 20% for elementary school and about 6% of Pakistan’s education system has evolved substantially from both its Islamic and British historical roots. Such as the Internet, books and educational institutes which spread around the world. It is quite appropriate when you learn and make effort to learn and try to speak english language. The importance of the English language as a second language means that how the English language is important for those people whose native language is not English. The English language opens a lot of opportunities for them. system especially in governmental sector focuses on grammar (tenses, parts of Fantasy world that surrounds it. of the country. So the English language is very important as much as for other non-native English countries. You have entered an incorrect email address! It is believed that English speaker is like a magician in current era.Englaish language plays an important role in the educational institute of Pakistan. That all the people easily understand and read it. For accessing the internet the English language is very important to understand. With the growing importance and need of English language in the global context, efforts are being made in the developing context to improve the quality of teaching English with the assumption that teaching of English facilitates the acquisition of English Language. We can I hope you learn a lot from this article. Still, we should remember that research labels this factor as less functional in language learning. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. The importance of education: Economics of the English language in Pakistan Country has failed to invest sufficiently in teaching the language. mark and we don’t know the history as well as current status of developed You go everywhere people speak the English language if … In other words, the student who knows English will be more efficient in his job because he can use the information from foreign sources and web sites. Teach English in Pakistan – the following comments are from English teachers who have taught, or currently teach English in Pakistan. There is a lot of advantages to understanding and speaking the English language. People like to play different kind of games which is made in the English language for people to easily understand.