0.20.7. Remedied a source of confusion which would prevent easel unlock in Ms. Ross’ route. New locations and added front yards to existing ones (Diane and library). Fixed entering the main character’s bedroom triggering the bad guys’ event in Debbie’s story. This is to still be able to see each character at the hospital, even if they get pregnant on the same day. Discover (and save!) Added button to set the location’ visited status. Fixed a bug causing the self‐voicing key “V” to become disabled. Again. Fixed the game autosaving: saves are made roughly every 200 clicks and on quit. Tony’s Pizza is open in the evening, complete with new art. Restored the infamous helicopter scene so it can be repeated after the mayor's arrest. Strip poker minigame dialogues and options, Main character’s computer in his bedroom can be accessed (desktop interface and content), Revamped Consum-R store layout, background, and functionality, Pink shop massage room/feature + sex scenes, Minor dialogues added to other characters, Revamped phone user interface and new quest tracking system, All in‐game characters are standing in backgrounds (accessible), 2 new minigames (for charisma and strength stats). This is returning behavior that disappeared in the 0.16 update. After five consecutive fails, the minigame definitively ends and you’ll have to retry. Added win/fail backgrounds to impregnation minigame. Added night asset for beachhouse bed with correct lighting. Fixed being able to exit the stolen goods screen without taking the key. Oct 26th, 2020. Fixed exception on launch related to the player not being defined. Download the Summertime Saga Apk 2. Fixed the closeups and blurred backgrounds in Pink when talking to Ivy in the evening. Fixed a bug where pre‐buying the Orcette cosplay would lock the player out of sex with June. Prevented a conflict between Roxxy’s route and Eve’s route in the park in the evening. Make two minor quests for Roz more flexible in how and when they trigger. Fixed being able to access the save menu when on mode select screen (. Ensured tick triggers fully fire reliably and consistently. Updated Cassie’s, Ross’ and Rump’s cookie jar scenes to use correct backgrounds. Hotfixes are designed to fix the blocking bugs. Added a skip option to the music minigame after three consecutive failures. Fixed an issue that prevented some characters from being correctly rendered on the credits screen. Summertime Saga apk is adult orientated top-notch dating sim game, right now being developed and supported entirely by Patreon sponsor. Fixed home entrance to kitchen doorway art so it’s dark outside at night. Improved diverse background uses throughout the codebase. The main character can sleep in the beachhouse once purchased. Added a reminder to get the shovel before beginning the gardening minigame. Prevented a segment of Eve’s dialogue triggering prematurely on weekends. Improved the save migration and recovery works. Resolved cause of exception triggering during a character’s repeated pregnancy. Added skipping forward day/week/month/year to debug menu. Fixed multiple visual and gameplay issues in Roxxy’s first study quest. Adjusted the hint for Jenny’s talk by the pool in Jenny’s route. The main character can climb into Jenny’s bed at night (this action was removed in 0.18.0, and is coming back). Added stat notifications to Iwanka's pregnancy notification phone call. Fixed an exception when seducing Ms. Ross. Expanded font support for East Asian languages for use with translations. Backgrounds follow a strict naming convention: Overhaul of notification, buying and warning popups use a consistent style: Removed dedicated art for each popup with the reuse of the existing item arts. Begone, deprecated events system! Fixed Jenny’s panties not being added to the inventory even when paid for (rip‐off Jenny). Jen's diary is at long last what it always should have been. The only state saved is the chain of triggers the machines went through. Restricted Lucy’s dialogue options about kids to when she’s in the daycare. Thus begins the most interesting summer of your character's life. Fixed flow for the cheerleader deal in Ms. Bissette’s route; the main character automatically pays Jenny if he has the money. Summertime Saga Latest version Latest version :0.160 Your hero has a progression of properties which can be gradually enhanced as you partake in occasions. Added missing items to Diane’s route: Fresh milk cartons and Water glass. Added popups where unfinished content was not stated. If you saw it, you know the one. Fixed being able to start the school milk delivery (Diane quest) on the weekend. Added some rails to Jenny’s Electro Clit quest to help avoid blocking other quests taking place in Pink. Fixed Jenny being in the shower when Debbie sends the main character to invite her to breakfast. Errors and debug messages are dumped to a file named. Added new events, quests, cutscenes, and dialogues to her story. New location system has been implemented. Improved save migration to repair Jenny's ability to get pregnant after her route completes. Summertime SAGA 0.20.5 Download link leaked! Adjusted animation speed of Roxxy’s sex scenes. This is on by default, which means it prevents you from loading an earlier save. New shortcuts for home: clicking on home from the map sends the player to the front yard. Any amount of money can be deposited or withdrawn from the bank account. Fixed pregnancies not being updated correctly after refusing Jenny sex the previous night. Some old character buttons have been updated with the reworked art. Improved school sneak quest rails to prevent accidental triggering of other quests. Fixed an incomplete cutscene when Eve is drawing her sister in the park, in Eve’s route. The ATM displays Debbie’s bank account and how much money will be taken the following week. Latest version. Personal Blog Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Moved the basement valve for Android users so it’s easier to click. Visual hints on save thumbnails: sepia for old but compatible saves, and greyscale for unusable saves. Removed some broken and unnecessary debug menu buttons. Ensured that the correct milk delivery dialogue is displayed during Maria’s nursing phase. Lock the screen with a password / through the keyboardlock screen is very good We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user Continued the main character layeredimage, Thanks to a new feature of Ren’Py 7.3, layeredimages can be tied in. poker quest). Fixed a crash occurring when attempting to play the poker minigame. Added a lunar cycle with visible full moons, currently only seen in church graveyard. Added new background for when talking to Eve on stage while it’s graffitied. Fixed Helen disappearing during the last step of her route when played in the evening. Summertime Saga ressemble à ce genre de jeux. Fixed posing issue that would throw an exception when speaking to a pregnant Daisy. Fixed Annie’s button at her house to use correct dialogue. App windows may be repositioned and their positions remembered. Fixed the bank statement appearing in front of dialogue. Fixed keycode item giving an error when looking at it from the inventory. Advertisement. Bubbles for Jenny’s stalker quest. Sound effects are from Dogeek recording his guitar playing broken chords. Fixed the laptop button appearing when Jenny has her laptop in bed. Debbie, Jenny, and Diane have their dialogues modified due to Patreon guidelines. New options during the sex scenes: the player can switch from X-ray or auto‐animate during sex scenes via a new button. Added missing lewd Diane closeup (drunk on her bed). Fixed the debug log sometimes saving to read‐only parts of the disk. Summertime Saga 0.20.7 Summertime Saga is a point-and-click graphical adventure for Windows conceived similarly to classics of this genre with contents aimed at adult audiences Fixed Roxxy’s dialogue option appearing before Cletus reveal. Because no changelog file was maintained in the game, the revisions had to be retrieved by fans. Removed superfluous dialogue line from Tina's recovery room interaction. Fixed “Skip First Day” option in the debug menu to work with Jenny’s FSM and skip the hallway dialogue. Note that besides a few quest events, not much happens at night. This is a record of the changes to public releases of Summertime Saga.Due to the violation of the crowdfunding platform’s guidelines, all posts prior to version 0.15 were erased. New item management solution, in order to fix save file compatibility issues. Fixed a crash when in shower with Debbie. Fixed Diane ghost trigger during the pie scene. If default formatting was used in the save description, update when overwriting the save. Repositioned a Diane button that was trying to escape through the kitchen ceiling. Pizza delivery minigame has been reworked with the vehicle upgrade. Persistent skip intro no longer forces cheat mode and always skips the first day regardless of mode. Prevented Diane’s return from hospital scene playing while she was still in the hospital. Fixed the art used when taking birth control pills. It includes all the file versions available to download off Uptodown for that app. Corrected a line of dialogue in the recovery room when Tina has has twins. high quality dating sim game, currently in dev. Removed ability to save in autosave slots. Fixed a bug with the doghouse button in the trailer park. Added outfit variation when replaying some of Diane’s cookie jar scenes. Fixed not being able to ask Debbie where to get paint if the player has already the paint item. Cold shower for you, missy! Fixed inconsistencies with Mia’s story dialogue. Fixed problems that could arise when inspecting items in the inventory. Fixed being able to ask Clyde about the statue piece before learning his last name. The loading screen displays from which version a save originates. Fixed a bug that would trap the player in school when attempting the stealth mission at night in Ms. Dewitt’s route. Fixed a save/load bug that could brick Roxxy’s route. Fixed “Debbie’s sleeping” dialogue triggering when Debbie isn’t in her room. Improved dialogue hints during the search for Harold in Mia’s route. Revisited pregnancy stages system such that they play in sequence instead of only the first one. Tuned the dynamic background code to be quicker and less memory‐hungry. Darkcookie has recently launched a new adult game in the market which is known as summertime Saga latest cracked apk 2020. Added a text for Android users that entice to use. Battery icon on cell phone updates with the time of the day. Mia’s machine won’t force. Fixed being able to buy the Pink Cyclone mask in advance, effectively wasting your money; the item becomes available when needed. Fixed Mia’s introduction triggering when clicking the school doors instead of when arriving outside in prologue. Removed “Carpenter” option from Diane’s button dialogues pointing to missing labels. Fixed an FSM action that wouldn’t trigger on Diane’s FSM. Fixed softlocked inside the gym location after yoga with Anna. Rework of season detection and related debug controls. Fixed Debbie’s posing when talking to her when she’s leaning on the counter. Fixed time going back one tick if saving right after manually ticking time on the map/bedroom/etc. Fixed Jenny’s dialogue option appearing too early. Fixed Erik’s empty mailbox occasionally displaying as having mail. Added feature to the ModManager to bee able to get the "Mod" object associated with a specific modname: Mod developers may use this to check if a conflicting mod is installed. Restricted the access to Debbie’s panties while she’s in her bedroom to prevent a conflict. The correct physical background is shown when using remote access. Adjusted button placement for Tony and Maria in. Fixed logger writing logging header to file when. Fixed an issue where the browser window had to be dragged in order to purchase the Orcette item. Download the summertime saga APK download 2020 now and … Repaired Connie's outfit state if erroneously carried over from previous versions. Reworked the overall structure of the codebase to allow more efficient work and fewer merge conflicts. Each list is comprised of 4 booleans and determines if the player can talk to the character for each time of day. This option forces her to catch the main character in the act on the couch. Tweaked hints for Mia's tattoo quest to focus on Saturday and speaking to Grace. Some old characters have been moved to the new Functional State Machine (FSM) flow. Fixed time spent playing namespace issue that caused it to be counted multiple times. Fixed a softlock inside the school during Roxxy’s scene if the player visits Judith. Fixed an issue where the Pink Cyclone mall quest wasn’t completable in the evening. Moved achievements and phone assets to their own folders. Fixed Mia referring to the old homework instead of the new dictionary quest. Fixed softlock during the karaoke tryouts in Ms. Dewitt’s route if the player enters Erik’s house in the morning or the afternoon. at the beginning of the week). Fixed lack of acknowledgment when trying to clean Diane’s garden with wrong bug spray. Added a missing dialogue when the lair is locked in late night. Builds are available for Windows/Linux, macOS and Android. Updated Eve’s appearance in the assembly hall background during the talent show in Ms. Dewitt’s route. Fixed an issue that prevented waking in Jenny’s bedroom from being considered a real wake‐up in Jenny’s route. Cookie jar feature: allows players to unlock, collect, and replay all sex scenes. Exceptions and other critical errors are printed to that log file with the ERROR level. Fixed Jenny’s photoshoot being in the wrong order. Blurred backgrounds are generated at init time, which should cut down on artwork as well as game size in the future. Then it will be successfully installed. Added DatingSystem feature mockup; in an effort to foreshadow future save incompatibilities, the dating system (v1) has been implemented: Each machine has a set of likes/dislikes defined in. Debbie’s bank account can be accessed to help her repay her debt (it will be used in a future update). Prevented pregnancy texts being cleared during the save/load cycle. Fixed basketball minigame conditionals for after scenes. Right‐click opens the game menu while in‐game (previously opened save menu). Updated legacy asset in Jenny’s route seen during the broken pipe incident. New map location (Mayor Rump) but not accessible yet. Fixed the robed dialogue appearing during the day instead of during the sneak mission. Added feature to the ModManager to implement custom FSM actions. 9/10 (10687 votes) - Download Summertime Saga Android Free. Click on settings followed by security settings and then click on Unknown Sources. Given Debbie the ability to correctly identify a baby’s gender. Fixed being able to check the school’s lockers at night. Summertime Saga 0.20.9 APK Lover’s If you are searching to download Latest Summertime Saga 0.20.9 APK, then congratulations you have come to the right page. Removed pregnancy progression being blocked by the player ignoring text messages. Fixed exception due to invalid pose inside a Diane’s cookie jar scene. Fixed a quest conflict between Ms. Dewitt’s route and Eve’s route. Prevented alpha warning at Mayor Rump’s house from bleeding into subsequent scenes. Improved the positional rigging on a bunch of characters. Allowed access to previously locked action when repeating the cheerleader scene. your own Pins on Pinterest Download now Summertime Saga 0.20.8 updated apk latest version… Summertime SAGA 0.20.8 download Now! The game saves automatically on location changes. Summertime Saga is an adult orientated high quality dating sim game, currently in devpment and funded wholly by Patreon backers. Sleeping cutscene not displaying when falling asleep with Jenny (and possibly other instances). Go to the basketball court! Added more detailed backgrounds and evening variants for some locations, including: Dynamic background code continues to roll out, providing more focused backgrounds during dialogues. The story begins when your hero’s father dies. An automatic input animation is used for logins to the main character’s computer when the password has already been entered once. Fixed save resetting when taking the Pregnax pills. Summertime Saga Mod APK Download (Latest Version) If you have learned about summertime saga and have read its best features as well. Standardized the serum colors to blue and pink for the dialogues in Ms. Okita’s route. On this page, you will get to know about what the Specialty of Summertime Saga 0.20.9 APK and it’s Mod Version Apk will provide you one Click Direct Link to download, so you can easily download Summertime Saga 0.20.9 … Fixed day backgrounds showing at night in the school. Fixed a mixup between Consum-R and Cosmic Cumics backgrounds on the event day. Fixed the missing church bell closeup when viewed after dark. Dating list was not bugged. Missing triggers are handled by the new loading system that will skip them and resume loading as usual. Updated name choice dialogues to use correct character colors. Fixed floating pills chests in the hospital laboratory. At the beginning, the c… Fixed the impregnation minigame happening even if a character is pregnant already. Improvements have been made to update saves from previous versions on load so as to experience minimal disruption. Turned on the tattoo parlor lights during the evening. pment and funded wholly by Patreon backers. Fixed faceplant art not showing at end of push‐ups minigame. Time played (displayed in quit message) uses a built‐in timer which ignores time spent in menus. Save files from 0.08 might not be compatible with 0.09! Fixed Diane being nowhere to be found when pregnant. In this article, you will get to know about summertime saga APK download 2020. Fixed Diane’s outfit being the wrong one during the pie quest. Improved ease of use in both dialogue and screens. Fixed Dexter’s library book’s dialogue staying well after the associated Ms. Bissette’s quest. Fixed teddy bear in Mia’s bedroom’s background to be daytime when it was night. A make-over including an evening variant for the church graveyard. Fixed a crash when talking to Admiral Sploosh. Switched to using the correct background during Debbie’s phone call on day zero. Fixed computer lab button when both Erik and June are present. Fixed conflicts between Roxxy’s route and Mia’s route with Earl being missing in action. Does not save name until start is clicked; Savegame description can no longer be empty. No more automatic lock‐in situations. Pregnancies are now in sequence (and not in parallel). Summertime saga is a story like novel based game, it offers an amazing gameplay with exclusive gaming modes. New scenes when entering Grace’s bathroom when Eve, Grace, or Odette are pregnant. Modders may access the logger object in order to log some messages; please use. Support for phone call scenes to add variety to character interactions. Fixed the magazine items to show how many have already been retrieved. Mod object provides an API to interact with the data of that mod’s manifest. Added pregnancy button to every FSM in the debug menu: Shows a screen that display debug info about the pregnancy. Fixed machine variables not reloading properly in Clyde and Dogeek’s quest. Updated Anon's internal virginity tracking so he can be honest in the game with Eve. Fixed Diane being in the shed when entering for paint. A more extensive rework of that minigame is planned for the 0.20 update. Added a toggle for save locking (if you really want to load an earlier save file). Summertime Saga Apk Download 2020 - Summertime Saga is an awesome game based on the storyline. Added more Jenny art in the shower scenes to match the dialogue and improve quality. Reworked and improved telescope interface. Removed some disused and superseded assets. Fixed an error in Diane’s cookie jar scenes. Fixed pizza delivery minigame double click. One new sex scene (2 angles and animations). Removed an unneeded prompt for Ms. Bissette’s quest that would play at the wrong time and without background. Due to being unable to disable prints going into the. Altered fantasy Eve such that when appropriate she’s given some balls. This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 10:22. Restored Yumi's donuts dialogue while she's outside Debbie's house to assist with Mia's route. Fixed time reversion in Debbie’s story on movie nights. Added Erik, Tammy, Roz, and June to the goal tracker. Diane’s outfits. Uses the last name entered as default, or “Anon” if the game is played for the first time. Simplified save game version compatibility checking. Fixed Mia’s and Erik’s mailbox causing save files issues, and being overlayed on top of every subsequent screen. General cleanup of the codebase; removing old unused variables and working towards a more object‐oriented codebase. Allowed Anon to visit the bank location at night (it's still closed, but it looks pretty!). Fixed an issue with daylight background being used at night during Jenny’s sex visits. Fixed some minor typos in Anon's route hints. This change streamlines lock checks, whether it’s in the home or any other location that may benefit from railroading the player temporarily. Art has received a touch‐up and has been reexported to reduce seams. Fixed an exception when talking to Master Somrak about his panties obsession. Added time skipping functionality to all front yards (direct children of the map, including main character’s bedroom). Removed the disused third‐party Python packages. Fixed shower spying scenes so Jenny moves more. 1 reworked sex scene (basement on the washing machine). Erik content moved to FSMs and touched up, Eve, Grace and Odette are pursuable characters, do‐it‐yourself science concoction‐maker minigame, https://wiki.summertimesaga.com/index.php?title=Version_history&oldid=25796, Major ones are dedicated to the stories of new characters and their entourages, in an order established by. Taking fertility pills increases your percentage back up (take 2 to get to 40% chance, which is the maximum). With graphics reminiscent of Japanese manga, even if it resonates with a Western audience, this is a story where the main character commits an act of killing his father while living a normal life in … Reworked the main character’s phone to drastically reduce CPU usage and make parts translatable. Fixed assorted posing issues when meeting and interacting with. Fixed a dialogue repeating indefinitely by opening and closing Jenny’s nightstand when figuring out her computer’s password. Fixed Diane’s arm misalignment when she wears her bra and panties. Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox. Une aventure graphique qui fait penser à l’époque classique du genre Il s’agit d’une aventure graphique point and click ressemblante à certains jeux classiques de ce genre, sur lequel vous allez prendre le rôle d’un jeune que, d’un coup, perd son père dans un accident au travail. Moved the clean assembly hall quest button for Ms. Dewitt’s route from Eve to the gang. Fixed graveyard locks to account for Diane's quests when arriving from her garden. Delayed sleep events when the player is being forced to sleep to avoid game bricks. Fixed unexpected dialogue when exiting the house after having entered the location through the user interface bed icon. Moved over to using the built‐in Python logger for improved resilience. Complete rewrite of in‐game computers, both Jenny’s and the main character’s. The more an action is performed, the fewer points will be rewarded for that action.